Friday, 29 June 2018

The New Boss Lady

If you have money and some dodgy connection, you can get away with anything I guess.

Watery Crisis

You know... I'm not sure why I write stories like these for Switch Switch Paradise.

If you are going to a body swap resort/beach, surely you should have some idea what would happen.

I'm stealing it! Are you with me?

Well it is summer time and I rarely write Switch Switch Paradise stories.

Plus I considering writing a cute story for a cute body... but not sure if it worked, might be more comedic.

Making the Jump Part 4

Previous Part:

So I had no internet for a while but luckily I had time to work on a number of captions.

But yeah this part was more or less 'Plot Armour' it felt a bit too convenient for Alan to complete that jump and escape death.