Tuesday, 15 September 2015

The 5th Swapified Plug and Go! (Options)

Welcome to the Fifth Swapified Plug and Go! Event!

(Finally noticed that picture I have been using so far has been referring to the First Plug and Go Event lol...)

Quick shout out to Regulos on deviantart who gave me this inspiration from one of her illustrations of 'Let's Play' body swapping option.

Congratulations! You have been selected for the Swapified Plug and Go Event! said the woman on the street. Before you can make any further response a group of rather big men had approached you and swiftly took you inside the building.

This group of people wasn't going to let you leave and you do not understand what they are saying as you on a trip to Taiwan.

Having been forced to plug in one of the cables and being forcefully swapped into a new body.

Making your escape, you took...

P.S Just like before please be honest and tell me the option you chose FIRST and the honest opinion of your new body.

Previous one can be found HERE 


  1. I took E first and I'm quite happy with my new body. I should really stop cheerleading and start with something else.

    I like also A, B and F.

  2. I choose B..... she seems a little young... but if for starting life over i guess growing up again with the whole experince would be..... interesting

  3. I chose option F... Rachel. It is a nice body to live in. Young and flexible, which I plan on using to my full advantage. ; )

  4. I chose D, not happy with having an owner

  5. I got B but really don't want to be a child, A seems like my kind of place!

    1. A would be a body I would hop into, though if your life was threatened I think you don't have much choice in being picky.