Wednesday, 4 November 2015

The First and Last Body Swapping Clinic Event (Options)

Welcome to The First and Last Body Swapping Clinic Event!

(Don't worry, this event is taking part in the Zombie timeline... and well this isn't exactly the last)

Irvin and his gang at Swapified had managed to worm their way into convincing the school board and local authorities to allow a legalized Swap Class Event.

The scheme allows young people to experience the life of another in hopes of improving their individual personality and the way they treats others.

However, due to Irvin's meddling, your swap partner was stripped from your body and your body was reduced into a zombified state. Rendering you trapped inside the body you choose.

Here are the list of bodies you chose, 4 years ago:

- Body A
- Body B
- Body C
- Body D
- Body E

I hope you enjoy your current lives for now...


  1. Great options, pitty about what happens to the girls

    1. I don't know how many people actually read Zombie Storyline... but there is a twist in the end and well things will be fixed in some ways... So I say these girls are temporary dead.

  2. I choose D and to be honest I like it. She is a bit young but I've always been curious about how it would be to grow up the opposite gender.