Tuesday, 5 January 2016

The Annual Hopper

Next Part:

Bit late but happy new year to you all.

Also I would like to thank Secretswitch for providing me with some inspiration ^^


  1. Aww thanks! I'm glad I could inspire you!

  2. great work! but help me to understand: when she chang body, her soul "melt with" or "devour" the other soul? and when she left the old body, does the original soul have some second of consciousness before that the body destroy?

    1. Basically she extracts her soul from her body and latches onto her victims and begins eating away at them in order to weaken them and gain more control of the body.

      When she leaves her body, the body and the former soul is so weaken they just melt away into a pile of dust.

  3. super evil and super sexy!
    what does the old soul feel in her last moments bevore melting away?