Monday, 28 March 2016

Easter Egg Surprise! (March Options)

It was Easter, the time of year where people could buy Easter eggs. This year, you decided to collaborate with some thugs from the Swapified gang and had your soul removed and implanted into a chocolate egg.

Why would you do this you ask? Well the answer is simple, to be eaten by some clueless girl and take over their body from the inside.


  1. i chose A and i'm very excited with my new young sexy body, but what happened to the soul of the girl once i take over her body?

    1. Her soul would still be there, you two would live on like two personality in one body. Like split personality disorder

    2. this will be difficult, more than what i thought....
      i hoped that i could absorb or dissipate her soul... so i could be the only one inside

  2. F! Wow being Mandy is awesome!

  3. I know this is pretty old but i choose F... No complaints on my end. Even if we are sharing a body whenever I'm in control id be a better sister then her.