Wednesday, 14 September 2016

The Reincarnation Request (Options)

Kieren was the owner of proud owner of the Book of Life and Death and bore the name of Tensei, the mysterious being who could control people’s fate. The book had the ability to completely rewrite peoples life’s as well as manipulate the soul and spirit of the people written into them.

Currently Tensei was a collective of two people, Kieren’s original mind and spirit divided into two bodies, the bodies of Misa and Naomi and together they had been fulfilling request of body swapping for their followers, whilst at the same time alluding capture from people who were hunting them down for their ability.

You were one of the lucky few people who had caught Tensei’s attention and they have promised to reincarnate you into someone new.


- Mellisa the Neighbour
- Miss Kay the Teacher
- Romanda the Classmate
 - Sara the BFF


  1. I guess i'll have fun as Sara then ;)

  2. Enjoying the caps, looking for continuation?

    1. was more of an experimentation, been busy lately and lacking creativity in my work :(

  3. Miss kay for me. Hope to see you at full speed soon. And making great caps soon friend.

    1. To be honest I kinda hit a creative slump and ended up gaming on Overwatch.

      Kinda tempted to do Overwatch Body Swaps but I think Blizzard won't be too happy about it