Thursday, 1 December 2016

November Bargain (Options)

If your a guy, you just end up being assaulted by yourself and then kicked out the house.

If you are a girl, then your body has just found itself a new career!

- Amy
- Zoe


  1. Was there suppose to be a second cap on the top?
    I feel like the transition from swapping to an escort wasn't established. Otherwise great choices. I enjoyed the options once I understood the premise.

    1. Basically, you are you and you bought an item and she delivers it, you get stabbed and turn into her.

    2. Also... in past stories involving the dagger, it had been past around from escort to escort.

    3. Ah, I missed the escort to escort part of the story, its been awhile since i read a dagger story.

    4. I'm tempted to do a story related to the magic guillotine from Writing

    5. I always Liked the Magic guillotine, there are three different ones I believe. the original, a squeal or re-write and a rapier edition I think. Its been a while since i looked at them but I'd love to see it, if you figure out a good way to caption it. Are you thinking of the full swaps or the bits and pieces/ lack of pieces for the story?

    6. I realized my statements where as choppy as my thought process. Sorry. What I meant was, I would like to see a magic guillotine story, and was wondering if you planned on using the full body swap idea from the story or the body parts swapping (as the guillotine allows) for the story.

    7. Depends, Not too sure maybe doing the brain swap aspect cause I'm not too sure how a part swap would work and photoshopping it all would be a pain