Tuesday, 21 July 2015

The Book of Life and Death

This was an idea I had a while back which was based on the Concept of Death Note and the Book of Life and Death in the legends of Sun WuKong.

Basically this book has landed in the human world and it allows people the ability to rewrite their lives.

For example they can choose who or what they reincarnate into to or completely alter history and rewrite their birth.

Example A nerdy and ugly Wendy could rewrite it so she would have been born as the pretty and cute Lily.


  1. Replies
    1. Hopefully some interesting stories can be produced from this.

  2. Are these going to be a more "I'm unsatisfied with my self so let's change me"/ prank my friend type story kinda like a written Morphic Adaption Unt or a revenge style plot.... or can we expect a little of both?

    1. Thats not a bad idea... might jot it down as a request and write something.

      Though these will likely be incidents/intended life swaps where people switch their births/existence with one another.

      I did consider a cloth swap but finding images for that was harder than expected.

    2. Sounds like fun. This may be a way to do another interactive like the first cross swap ritual. Friends draw from a hat and write down the life they draw. Just an idea (I know interactives are time consuming and a lot of work). Anyways I love your work ~ narri

    3. Yep, entirely possible.

      Though since you are rewriting your life with someone, it is entirely possible that history will change and the book will disappear.

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