Sunday, 19 July 2015

Leftover Intelligence

Donna Fox
"I really like the idea of feeding off someone elses brain but perhaps it has a dramatic affect on they way they think? - I'd like to see it happen between two woman, one a drab but wickledly smart and the other a ditz bimbo and how the smart woman changes and descends in to life of a dim witted blonde."

Not quite what you request but I hope you and other people will enjoy the story.


  1. so when the Brain Jackers enter inside of the brain of the naive mary she gots her brain eaten and dies?
    so in the next page is the Brain Jacker that imitate mary yhoughts...?

    1. Basically Johnathan created synthetic Brain Jackers and for testing he gave one of them to Mary.

      This version rather than eating up the host brain actually retains aspect of its previous occupants and acts more like a parasite leeching off the brain.