Friday, 30 October 2015

Offline Cross Swap Ritual

The Cross Swap Talisman had a special feature that allowed two people with the Talisman to perform a Cross Exchange body swap outside of the Cross Swap Exchange Ritual.

The main requirement was that both users must possess a Talisman and both participants must attach a talisman to their forehead and both must touch their foreheads with each other for 30 seconds (with talisman attached) to perform the trade or be within one inch of each other.

Unlike the Cross Swap Ritual which has a time limit, this manual method of body swapping has no limit so body switchers will have to repeat the process to switch back into their own bodies,


  1. Is the offline cross swap something we can also participate in, or are you introducing a new story form meta in which you can create new stories?

    1. It is a new story meta I am introducing... however it possible can participate, but they have to bare in mind that this is a local switching method and not a worldwide/long distance trade like previous swaps.

    2. Does this actually work?

    3. Sadly it doesn't its a fictional story but you can try if you want.