Saturday, 31 October 2015

Shauna and Serena Part 5 (2D)

Previous Part:

Continuation of the story.

So should Serena's spirit be sent off to another anime series or should she haunt Shauna and attempt to take over her body?


  1. if anything i think the haunting my be a better option then sending her to another anime. but that is just my humble option. it would be funny to see how Shauna reacts to find herself haunted by the real Serena.

    1. The Time Soul Watch was created with the intention to cross dimension/series and allow the story to continue/reboot itself with a new cast since there is a limit to how many 'screenshots' you can get from one episode/series.

      Anyways Shauna is a character I am highly tempted at wanting to drag into the body swap story so we will see...