Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Plug and Go! Valentines Edition 2016 (Options)

Welcome to the Plug and Go Valentines Edition Event!

Unlike previous Plug and Go events, you won't forced into a new body but instead you will be allowed to review the body of the girls you would like to trade bodies with and then force yourself into their bodies.

After the transfer, you will then spend the rest of your days as that girl, serving your new boyfriend!

Valentines Body:

- Cable A


  1. i chose A and i have to say that i love her body, she is very young, but she will be a sexy woman soon! with that cute face and the right outfit....
    i just wondered what happened to the original girl's consciousness?

    1. Disposed off I guess or forced into working for Swapifieds.

      My ver. of the organisation is evil.

    2. i'm evil too so i hope they are disposed off, dissolved maybe...

  2. C and can't say I'm disappointed! <3