Saturday, 6 February 2016

Soul Switch Online - Who should Asuna swap with?

So I'm going change things up a bit and do something similar to Interactive Stories.

Soul Switch Online is going to continue with Asuna staying in Silica's body and that will be the Silica ending but aside from that there will be an alternate route where she will leave Silica's body and possess someone else.

So here are the options, please select the character you would like to see Asuna switch with next and leave a comment below.

- Yui
- Lisbeth
- Sachi
- Leafa
- Sinon
- Philia


  1. Replies
    1. A Kirito End will likely be a Kirito x Asuna ending with her in her original and natural body.

    2. I meant as a her-in-Kazuto's body

    3. Most likely not, I intend for Asuna to switch bodies with the other girls only since Kirito has many relationship with a bunch of them

  2. If she is stuck in silica's body that would sound good but i also wanted to see her possess lisbeth ... hahahahaa

    1. Silica ending I have planned, but it more or less down to her keeping Silica's body for good.

  3. Yui please it be interesting to see how it would play out

  4. you could also do asuna's mother

  5. Maybe Asuna's mom could steal Asuna's body with the same technology .

  6. Yui well be funny to see