Friday, 28 April 2017

March Madness (Options)

It was March 2017 and body swapping reports have somewhat died down a bit. You and your friends had discovered what is rumoured to apparently be an abandoned Swapified body farm facility used for illegal body swapping trafficking.

You and your friends decided to snoop around the abandon facility and to your shock and surprise there was people still inside it, wondering about lost with broken chains on their wrist and ankles with blindfolds on and were rather seemingly malnourish.

As your friend approach them to get a closer examination they were quickly overpowered and possess by the Brain Jacker’s who had left their weakened bodies to possess fresh new ones.

You was the only one left and you tried everything you could to stay alive. Eventually you found a research report and you learn that Brain Jackers are parasites that feed off the brain. Because they are latched onto the brain and substitute the missing part of the organ that they have devoured. The only real way to kill a Brain Jacker is to aim for the head and blow the brains out, striking the head and hitting it or completely crushing the head.

(The Rules are simple, pick a option, if you survive carry on, if you die let me know.)

Option One - You Pick up a Metal Pole and you...

If you survived, then you will carry on and eventually you will find an Axe

If you survived, then carry on and pick up a Fire Extinguisher.

If you survived the well done, you are almost free but something happens!


  1. I finished it normally then went back and looked at all of the options, and this was great. Really nice job!

  2. Oooh this one was really fun. I loved it. Keep it up

  3. Died first attempt... tried again, and made it to the end.. and died

  4. I died at my first attempt at option one and in my second attemmpt at the final.