Sunday, 24 April 2016

From Hero to Zero

The Charm used for the Cross Swap ritual was indeed a fascinating item that has intrigued the minds of scientist and spiritualist alike. The Body Swapping Committee was now interested in supernatural abilities and would do anything to cannibalize a system and incorporate it into their products.

As a result, they had created devices like the Soul Splicer, the Brain Jackers, Regeneration abilities in order to renew the body as well as harnessing Time Travel. However, the experts were unable to mass produce or replicate the magical charms and all they could do was experiment and unlock all of the Talisman’s abilities.

The charm could allow people to participate in the Midnight Cross Swap Ritual where people exchange bodies. People could also do an Offline Cross Swap, where two charm users could exchange bodies.

Another feature of the Cross Swap was that the misaligned Soul in the incorrect body could trigger natural mutations where special abilities are unlocked. 

Right... how should we do this... How should Layla Ophelia (Clara) steal Supergirl's body?

Perhaps with the magic Jewel Encrusted Dagger or some Seductive Soul Alluring Power?

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  1. I would like to see a Fusion between the two. They merge into one super sexy indestructible evil being.

    Greeting, g-guy