Thursday, 28 April 2016

Offline Cross Swap - April Fools! (Options)

No Options this month, but there is a Cross Swap and optional story/parts to follow up on.

April fools, the time of year where people are made fools of, through the use of pranks or other forms of trickery.

It took some time, but the body thief who was now inhabiting Erika’s body had finally acquired a set of Body Swapping Talisman from the Mysterious X who handles the Cross Swap Rituals.

In order to get some money to host the event, the possessed Erika had to pull some strings with some malicious people and brokered out some deals with them so that they to can get involved with Erika’s little party.

The Offline Cross Swap Party was held in a local hotel where each of the participating guests was taken into an individual room. The four unsuspecting victims were given drink spiked with drugs that would knock them out, allowing Erika and the 3 companions to switch places with their victims.

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