Saturday, 16 April 2016

The Butterfly Effect

So this story will serve as a conclusion to Future Stark and Tokiko's story as well as introducing a new meta to my string of stories.

So... as with every time travelling stories, there is always the mention of Butterfly effects.

In the original timeline, the world came to an end due to the spiritless bodies coming back as Zombies due to Irvin stealing all the spirits of the victims that had been disembodied.

Tokiko went back in time and change all that and the BSC manage to save the day. This allowed the BSC to acquire a large quantity of spirits and they used them in their artificial experiments and that resulted in a dystopian future where the world is ruled by metal men.

Tokiko made another attempt to fix the past and this time, the spirits of all the captured victims was released, which caused the worlds first ever Great Shift event.

However, Stark from the future had made a leap to the past and altered it, causing the BSC to be aware of time travel and with their focus now fully on capturing the time traveler, they began to make schemes on how they would capture Tokiko and harness her abilities for their own cause.

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