Thursday, 6 April 2017

Kono Nikutai Wa Subarashi!! Part 4

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Here is the fourth part to Kono Nikutai Wa Subarashi!! (This Body is Wonderful!!)

So I'm going end it with Kazuma in Megumin, Aqua in Kazuma and Megumin in Aqua and then pick up the story later on whilst I have figured out what is to come next.

Of course some of the characters have slightly changed... Aqua is a lot smart and more competent than her actual Anime Counterpart...

Megumin is still crazy and rather sensitive about her being...

And Kazuma is behaving a bit like Aqua but at the same time he retains his a...hole like attitude and his i dont give a ... attitude towards the rest of the cast and does what he wants.

Darkness is going to be an exciting one to write about but we will see how this will go from here.

I'm still trying to figure out SAO and i'm at a complete lost with all my other caption works at the moment.