Wednesday, 29 April 2015

I want to be a Princess

A rather sinister Sister Swap. 


  1. Nice, i like it. Any chance of doing a follow-up possivly one when the younger sister finds a way to make her older sister more beautiful and is set up to marry a rich handsome man, but only to try and have the older sister switch back.

    1. Well I didn't plan to do a follow up but idea is reasonable... I'll change aspects of it of course. Though after this, I feel the two sisters will no longer be close to each other.

      The Little Sister wanted a mature body and now that she trap, I doubt she would be very happy and would be rather scared of the responsibility of being an adult.

      The older sister I could follow up on... I don't do future plot follow up because I keep it relative to real time flow with all my series. Like everything you read now is happen at same time... but I suppose I could do a alternate future or something.

  2. I have questions about the girl on the bottom of I wasn't to be a princess.

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