Wednesday, 22 April 2015

The Exchange Cross Ritual

Welcome to Exchange!

Have you ever been sick of who you are? Or perhaps you wish to be someone else or be the opposite gender and would like to switch bodies?

Well that is now possible with the Exchange Cross Ritual!

For this ritual, 8 people may take part in the ritual, when you take part in the switch you will have to vacate your body and give it up for the swap.

To participate, please print off this image below and press it against your forehead.

At midnight +0 GMT, your soul will be removed from your body and you will be presented with a total of seven doors. Please remember that if you wish to become a male then choose white, if you wish to be female then please choose red.

Please remember that this switch will remain in place for 24 hours and you will be forcefully returned to your body. Please also remember that all 8 people must participate or else the odd soul will be doomed to wander the world in between.


Side note: So the concept and idea came from the new manga series Mayonaka X Giten and the image is a near replica of the talisman shown in episode one.

The people who participated in the Swapping Request, Competition thing a few ago will become part of the 4 with 4 other random characters being Swapped in.

These characters will be Alex, Tori, Luke and Kate from the competition with 4 other characters.


  1. can we get swapped with you hikari. i think that would be fun.

    1. No... I decide what happens to my body and i'm not willing to write your story.

    2. sorry, sorry , sorry dont be mad at me. can we just forget that this ever happened and i wont do any more posts like that.

      I am really really really sorry Hikari.

    3. Thats okay, I just don't like being forced into things.