Sunday, 12 April 2015

News Update: Random Body Swap Participation!

STATUS: Closed

Last week I've put up a post and poll asking people if they would be interest in participating in a caption story.  Since the majority of you have voted for it to happen and left comments expressing interest in the idea. I've decided to go straight ahead and give it a try.


Similar to the Plug and Go! idea from a few weeks back.
The idea and concept was inspired somewhat by Regulos on DeviantArt.

Basically a select number of you will be taken and randomly swapped with one another and you will wind up in the body of another participant.

Given the nature of the universe that my story is set in, where body swapping has just been discovered, the idea is you have been taken (possibly by forced) and forced into a scenario where your body is switched against your will.

There might be a chance to switch back, there might be a chance it is permanent. Either way you won't have your body. The swapping method will be a roulette styled swapping.


Please do not use your 'real name' when applying as we should all respect one another privacy. (Plus it's not nice to receive unwanted stalking)

Please submit an appropriate image (No Nudity! or Sexually Explicit images) 

Please Do Not Beg or Complain if you were not selected.

(For Selected participants) If you make comment about your new body, please keep it somewhat clean and appropriate. (Either way, I can still moderate and edit comments...)


The first let's say 6 people to to contact me will be selected. If the images is not usable, I will move down the list and use the next person instead.

The participants will be announce and their caption will be released over the course of the week.

Contact: -Closed-


  1. I want to do this, but I'm still a little lost. Do I submit a picture of myself of use a picture that's not mine? I'm just assuming most people who visit TG cap sites are males, pardon me if I'm wrong.

  2. It doesnt have to be a picture of yourself and yeah... I suppose that is a problem... depending how it goes I might even drop the idea... but yeah you can make up your own character I guess.

  3. You say to comment on your new body, but I thought we're to submit pictures of ourselves?

    1. Yep submit an image of yourself or a image representing yourself, i'll roll a dice or something write a Caption of you in your new body (of another participant) and then upload it on the blog.

      I'm consulting a fellow captioner and friend about it, there are some rough edges with the idea.

  4. i realized i miss read your directions.... opps. anyways this should be fun