Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Vile Vicky Strikes Again

I write to many dark evil stories... though some of you did like this apparently: Megan's Unlucky Day

So one issue I never touched upon was that, I believe if a girl is pregnant, she will not be able to leave her body as the baby will anchor it down.

However as shown in the above story... if you're magically morphing the body then everything is being switched and transferred as your rewriting everything.


  1. Another great post. Hope to see more of this. Possivly one where the woman messes up and the two girls that had there bodies stolen try to get there bodies back or maybe even another old woman tricks the recent girl into thinking she is her friend so she can have a young body again.

    1. Well I considered having multiple magic daggers but that is just too convenient.

      There will come a time where Vicky will lose the dagger or hand it over to someone else.