Saturday, 22 August 2015

News Update: Quick Suggestion - CLOSED

First off... there was over 1300 views today on this blog which is an all time high! *Yippee!!!*

Secondly I'm tempted to do another open project with some people in the community and would like suggestions.

Would you like to take part in another Cross Swap Exchange Ritual?

Or would you like to do something else?

Leave some suggestions in the comment section below and let me know what you guys want.

Some ideas... 
- Swapified Auction
- Giving some names and info and having you or character appear in story.


  1. I would love to. But would I still be eligible seeing that I participated in the first one?

    1. You can invent a new character or take part in it again. Cross Swap Ritual allows for re-participation.

  2. I liked the first cross ritual and would love to take part again. Something else might be cool too but I don't have any suggestions at the momment. Keep us updated because I would love to par take. (Not the biggest fan of the auctions but I would participate either way)

    1. I was thinking for Auction I would have people submit numbers... (Auction can be a difficult thing to write about lol)

      Anyways yeah looks like people would like to take part in Cross Swap.

      Other option is to have people give description of what they want and then they could get a body via Swapified or BSC Clinic.