Thursday, 13 August 2015

The Wife and the PA

Can't think of a decent comment for this...


  1. I like it , bit there is obviously more to this. Did Sally and Calvin bother to get a divorce before the swap, or did Calvin mess up and make Kim into his legal wife? If so which one will he choose, or will Kim clean him out in the divorce?

    1. Well I wasn't planning a sequel or anything. Well first of all in my universe anything not Body Swap Clinic related is generally illegal swaps.

      Sally's body is still legally Calvin's wife and Kim's body is now possessed by Sally who would be forcing it to do things that the real Kim will disapprove off... in some ways Kim's body would be Calvin's mistress now until he divorces Sally's body and marries Kim's body to make it officially his wife.

      Either way, Calvin could have his way with both ladies and Kim would be at their mercy though Kim is a clever girl so she will think of something...