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Professor Amber Cox

The Incarnations of Amber Cox

So one of the recurring characters in my stories and blogs is Professor Amber Cox who first appeared on Secretswitch's blog.

In the link here: Pride Over Common Sense

In the story she ended up having her body stolen by Professor Irving who is the main antagonist that founded the Swapified.

She then reappears in this story in a new body: CEO of the Body Swapping Comittee

It was never fully explained how it happened but since I'm using a picture of Jenna Coleman... i'm sure some Doctor Who fans can have a guess as to what has happened.

Amber after having lost her body wound up trapped in Irvings which begin to quickly rot as her Soul and Body didn't match up so her soul couldn't keep the body alive. (Their swap was conducted with a primitive Swapping machine that didn't connect the soul and body completely.)

As a result she had to recreate a body rather than steal one and made some attempts at cloning. The clones could not sustain her soul and rapid cellular regeneration caused the clones to have shorten life spams and over regeneration causing unnecessary growth.

Instead they looked at other methods and one of them was to create a Rapid Cellular Regeneration process that occurs when necessary. Example if she was dying her body would prepare to heal itself.

This was made possible due to Amber strengthening her life force to its peak. Enough life energy to last her 12 life times (they cloned her soul and grafted only the life force aspect to her soul). When her body is dying and her soul is on the verge of expiring the Regeneration would kick in restoring her life force and completely healing her body and transforming it.

The First Incarnation of Amber

First Regeneration occurred due to clone body being unstable.

A young woman who is happy and enthusiastic, willing to explore the horizon and push for a technological break through.

Original Age when Body was Stolen: 16
Age at Regeneration: 18

The Second Incarnation of Amber

Second Regeneration occurred due to being 'killed' by Tiffany in an artificial body electrocuting her.

Other info:
Height: 157 cm
Weight: 108 (50 kg)
3 sizes: 34-24-34
A mature young woman with strong leadership skills and great sense of justice and selflessness to go and help others in need.

Age at Regeneration: 23

The Third Incarnation of Amber

Third Regeneration occurred after stopping Irvin's plans to become an immortal by absorbing all of the captured/lost souls of victims. Her 3rd Incarnation/body died during the explosion but survived long enough to return to the office before regenerating.

Other info:
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 140 (63.5 kg)
3 sizes: 32-24-32
A young feisty and reckless woman. This incarnation of Amber had the unfortunate habit of being used by others due to her decisions to walk a grey path.

Age at Regeneration: 24

The Fourth Incarnation of Amber

Current Incarnation of Amber Cox

Other info:
Height: 161 cm
Weight: 108 (49 kg)
3 sizes: 36-23-33

The Alternate Incarnation of Amber Cox

Zombie Timeline Incarnation of Amber

This Incarnation was born after Mirai Tokiko saved Amber from the Company/Swapified. She is unaware of what number incarnation she is or how many lives she had lost.

Other info:
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 120 (54 kg)
3 sizes: 34-22-34
Having survived a traumatic imprisonment where she was trapped on the verge of life and death, this version of Amber feels rather emotionless and insecure.

Age at Regeneration: 34

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