Wednesday 29 April 2015

Vile Vicky Strikes Again

I write to many dark evil stories... though some of you did like this apparently: Megan's Unlucky Day

So one issue I never touched upon was that, I believe if a girl is pregnant, she will not be able to leave her body as the baby will anchor it down.

However as shown in the above story... if you're magically morphing the body then everything is being switched and transferred as your rewriting everything.

I want to be a Princess

A rather sinister Sister Swap. 

Breaking News - Opening of the Body Swapping Clinics

I was snooping around Secret Switch Blog and thought... you know what... let's do a breaking news and make a actual news report of body switching clinics opening in my stories universe.

The First Exchange Cross Swap Ritual - Fon into Kate & Linda into Luke

The First Exchange Cross Swap Ritual, other parts:

Fon into Kate & Linda into Luke

Ending kinda reminds me of Romeo and Juliet for some reason... like two lovers can't be together.

Well it seems their love wasn't strong enough to keep them together.

Sunday 26 April 2015

The First Exchange Cross Swap Ritual - Luke into Linda

The First Exchange Cross Swap Ritual, other parts:

Luke into Linda

The Fourth Swap with Luke entering Linda's body.

Thoughts are coming into my head telling me to do a celebrity version of this with maybe some Harry Potter cast and some normal people.

Friday 24 April 2015

Locals Only

Not the best story or the shortest, but here is another caption.

Anagram is in it, have fun.

Where are you Fluffy?

Didn't write this into the story...

But basically... the Girl was already snatched up by Body Snatchers and some of Irving's scientist was in the area. 

Noticing the cute little puppy running around in the park, they decided to take it and transfer the mind of the girl into the Puppy and the Puppy into her as part of the cross species transfer experiments.

Thursday 23 April 2015

The First Exchange Cross Swap Ritual - Erika into Alex

The First Exchange Cross Swap Ritual, other parts:

Erika into Alex

Going to be releasing the stories one by one, hope you all enjoy.

Edit: I realised a typo... it suppose to be a White door... not a Red one.

Wednesday 22 April 2015

The Exchange Cross Ritual

Welcome to Exchange!

Have you ever been sick of who you are? Or perhaps you wish to be someone else or be the opposite gender and would like to switch bodies?

Well that is now possible with the Exchange Cross Ritual!

For this ritual, 8 people may take part in the ritual, when you take part in the switch you will have to vacate your body and give it up for the swap.

To participate, please print off this image below and press it against your forehead.

At midnight +0 GMT, your soul will be removed from your body and you will be presented with a total of seven doors. Please remember that if you wish to become a male then choose white, if you wish to be female then please choose red.

Please remember that this switch will remain in place for 24 hours and you will be forcefully returned to your body. Please also remember that all 8 people must participate or else the odd soul will be doomed to wander the world in between.


Side note: So the concept and idea came from the new manga series Mayonaka X Giten and the image is a near replica of the talisman shown in episode one.

The people who participated in the Swapping Request, Competition thing a few ago will become part of the 4 with 4 other random characters being Swapped in.

These characters will be Alex, Tori, Luke and Kate from the competition with 4 other characters.

Tuesday 21 April 2015

Taking Her Place

Another cruel and rather sinister body swap. Was intending to be a nice story but noticed the second images and it sorta fit, so I went for a nasty story.

Friday 17 April 2015

Jennifer's body

Next Part:

These captions has been sticking around since the start of my captioning... the plot and method of the swap was a bit uncertain but after a few tweak's I'm more than happy to release it.

Just a redraft of a story I sent to Great Shift from several years back, though plot and story has been changed.

Concept came from the comment 'I don't care what happens to my body, as long as I don't feel it.' which some people have regarding their bodies.

Status Update - 17th April 2015

Hello guys!

So as some of you who have been following my blog, will have most likely noticed that I haven't been updating recently.

Well this was because A) I was feeling rather ill and B) I was rushing deadlines.

As for the competition, things aren't going as plan but given the 4 entrants, I suppose I will try and work a way around it. It will be improvised but hopefully we will get something interesting out of it.

As for updates on stories... well I have some captions done but given that i'm not satisfied with them, I've decided to work on some better ones and then release it.

Sunday 12 April 2015

News Update: Random Body Swap Participation!

STATUS: Closed

Last week I've put up a post and poll asking people if they would be interest in participating in a caption story.  Since the majority of you have voted for it to happen and left comments expressing interest in the idea. I've decided to go straight ahead and give it a try.


Similar to the Plug and Go! idea from a few weeks back.
The idea and concept was inspired somewhat by Regulos on DeviantArt.

Basically a select number of you will be taken and randomly swapped with one another and you will wind up in the body of another participant.

Given the nature of the universe that my story is set in, where body swapping has just been discovered, the idea is you have been taken (possibly by forced) and forced into a scenario where your body is switched against your will.

There might be a chance to switch back, there might be a chance it is permanent. Either way you won't have your body. The swapping method will be a roulette styled swapping.


Please do not use your 'real name' when applying as we should all respect one another privacy. (Plus it's not nice to receive unwanted stalking)

Please submit an appropriate image (No Nudity! or Sexually Explicit images) 

Please Do Not Beg or Complain if you were not selected.

(For Selected participants) If you make comment about your new body, please keep it somewhat clean and appropriate. (Either way, I can still moderate and edit comments...)


The first let's say 6 people to to contact me will be selected. If the images is not usable, I will move down the list and use the next person instead.

The participants will be announce and their caption will be released over the course of the week.

Contact: -Closed-

Monday 6 April 2015

Pull Us Out

I wish I had better photo shopping skills.

But yeah text might be a little small but I hope you enjoy.

Sunday 5 April 2015

Would People Like to Take part?

This was an idea I had a while back and I had discussed with Secret Switch. 

The original idea was to have people submit pictures of themselves along with a name (false one for sake of privacy) and participate in a class swap where people random switch with one another.

It was an okay Idea, but it was one that might be a bit to complex...

Basically after seeing some of Regulas's DeviantArt and some ideas from TehSwitcher's request swaps, where followers had the chance to get involved with the story. I thought it was worth a shot.

I don't take request because I don't have the time to do it and honestly I believe TehSwitcher and Secret Switch can do a better job of it.

For next two weeks, I'll be collecting Votes on people's opinion. If people like the idea then i'll take... let's say the first 6 people to email me with an image and name of their character and randomly swap them. They will be then be put into random pairs and switched in the story.

The premise's of the story will be like the Plug and Go story where you've been taken somewhere and forced into a swap or a Spin the Bottle game and you've been switch person with whoever is chosen.

Update #1

Dropping the deadline to within 1 week as oppose to 2 weeks.

(5 days remaining to vote on doing this concept)

As for participation, more information will be given out in the future.

Mutual Departure

Link to Previous Part of the Story in series:

I just realized I haven't done a Taxi swap in  while. Enjoy ^^

Friday 3 April 2015