Tuesday 17 April 2018

CEO of the Swapified

So just like the character profile for Amber, I decided to do a character Profile for the 2nd CEO of the Swapified Organisation. Ideally they are nameless having given up their personal identity.

So bit of background information, the current leader of the organisation was a man who followed in Irvin's footsteps, researching and developing Body Swap methods, research and science.

When Irvin's plans to become immortal failed, the Swapified Gang was effectively disbanded as all high ranking members were caught and imprisoned by the government run Body Swapping Committee.

He was one of the people who were captured and imprisoned but they escaped thanks to the powers of the Book of Life and Death that he had managed to claim ownership of.

The former owner of his Book of Life and Death was Sol the Death God.

You can find out how he survived and became 'A' in this story here:

To find out how A has extended her life by taking over a new body you can check out these stories:

Character Profile:
The Successor's First Body
Alias: A
Occupation: 2nd Leader of the Swapified Gang
Main Personality Trait: Slightly crazy and unpredictable.

Reincarnated Body
Former Name: Alice Green
Occupation: Nurse for the Body Swapping Comittee
Age: 21
Cause of Death: Trapped into an incinerated male body and burnt to ashes

The Successor's Current Body
Alias: B
Occupation: 2nd Leader of the Swapified Gang, Asia HQ
Main Personality: Intelligent and seemingly friendly, has a fierce manipulative/scheming aura

Reincarnated Body
Former Name: Charlotte Chan
Occupation: Hired as General Manager for the Asia Branch of a growing Organisation
Age: 23
Cause of Death: Scammed into a trapped and forced into Alice's body before dying in a rigged flat explosion.

Whole New Life Part 2

Previous Parts:

Long time no see guys, I've concluded that this will be the last part for the Whole New Life storyline but the character A or rather B... will continue to exist and will be back in the future.

Also, sorry I didn't give your friend a nicer... ending (to the person who sent me the pictures for captioning a story)

Saturday 14 April 2018

Student Transfer - Body Thief Version 1.2

So once again I'm going to release another update to my Visual Novel Story or rather Scenario that was written for the game Student Transfer.

If you are interested in playing this game, you will need to have the Student Transfer Game installed.
Game can be found here: Student Transfer

Body Theft Ver 1.2

So for this current update, I've expanded on the story between John and Zoey as well as worked on a few bits for John and Yui.

For the Zoey route, John will be heading to the Gym. I may just fast forward the scene towards the sleep over at Phila's and Mina's place or I could expand the scene and have more body swaps between Zoey (John) and Zoey's friend.

John and Yui story is quite interesting and I'm also looking forward to writing a story with Katrina.

To Install I would recommend that copying the folder into your scenario folder.

As for my other captions... I know I've been slacking (Insert Sad Face) and I need to pick up the slack... but it is one of those moments where you start to struggle between balancing your life and your hobby and I'm really sorry you guys aren't getting stories to read.
Edit: Due to the issue with the Jennifer Folder, I've decided to do a patch.

Body Theft Ver 1.3

Tuesday 3 April 2018

Student Transfer

Hello Body Swap fans!

I've been busy with life and haven't been producing Captions quick enough. 

I have some written up but because it is part of a series, it is a pain to upload them bit by bit...

Anyways enough about that... I am here to discuss the Body Swap VN Student Transfer and well... I realised that is possible to write your own scenario. Personally I was going to develop a personal story scenario for myself but you know I was wondering if you, my fans would be interested in my Visual Novel Scenario?

Well... whilst I sort out my Caption Series, I thought I should share what I have so far in regards to my Visual Novel for Student Transfer.

Body Theft Ver 1.0 by Kawaii Switcher

You know I have always debated about crowd funding and Patreon's but considering the nature of the work, it was something I was against doing due to the nature of my stories etc. You know... moral and ethic codes etc... the usual stuff.