Saturday 27 February 2016

Kill la Kill: The Switching Crisis Part 2

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The should complete the intro... Now we have the playing field set with Ryuko, Ragyou, Satsuki and Nui.

I apologise for the lack of body swapping so far... Hopefully when it does happen, you will all enjoy the story.

Friday 26 February 2016

Kill la Kill: The Switching Crisis Part 1

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"Ich möchte stärker werden"
"weil unsere Welt sehr grausam ist"
"Es ist ratsam, welke blumen zu entfernen"
(Kiryuin Ragyou's OST soundtrack Blumenkranz)

Kill la Kill was one of my favourite animes due to how epic it was and so here is a body swapping story or rather modification to the story of Kill la Kill.

(Don't worry this one will be a very short series)

Wednesday 17 February 2016

Plug and Go! Valentines Edition 2016 (Options)

Welcome to the Plug and Go Valentines Edition Event!

Unlike previous Plug and Go events, you won't forced into a new body but instead you will be allowed to review the body of the girls you would like to trade bodies with and then force yourself into their bodies.

After the transfer, you will then spend the rest of your days as that girl, serving your new boyfriend!

Valentines Body:

- Cable A

Sunday 14 February 2016

Soul Switch Online - Alternate Route: Silica Ending Part 1

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Here is the first part of Alternate Route: Silica Ending.

Asuna has woken up in the 12 year old body of Silica as oppose to the real life body of 14 year old Silica, Ayano Keiko.

Upon noticing the the abnormality, Asuna went to confirm her suspicions and discovers that she has indeed, returned to the long lost world of Aincard.

Welcome to Sword Art Online

Soul Switch Online - Part 4

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So here is the next body swap. As voted, Asuna and Yui will be making the transfer into each others body.


Silica (Asuna) is found out by Yui.
Silica (Asuna) forces Yui into Asuna's body and Silica from Asuna's body into Yui's
Silica (Asuna) makes the trade with Yui (Silica) and as a result, Silica is returned to her own body.

Monday 8 February 2016

The Body Slaves (Katie)

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Here is the second story.

A cruel person does get a cruel ending.

The Body Slaves (Jenny)

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I got the idea from Cell absorbing android 18...

But here is the story of the first Zombie Body Slave.

A Lunar-tastic New Year!

It was the Lunar New Year and to some that meant Chinese New Year. It was a time of gathering, where members of the family would gather together and celebrate the start of a New Year.

On this particular day, one man was extremely happy as he was going to bag a lot of money on this joyous day. In recent years there has been an increase of young couples dating people of other races and for some people they felt rather conscious about other people’s views on them dating someone who isn’t Asian.

As a result, Jason had recruited a number of girls and were handing out bodies for people who visited his shady little hideout.

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Happy New Year to those who celerate Chinese/Lunar New Year

Saturday 6 February 2016

Soul Switch Online - Who should Asuna swap with?

So I'm going change things up a bit and do something similar to Interactive Stories.

Soul Switch Online is going to continue with Asuna staying in Silica's body and that will be the Silica ending but aside from that there will be an alternate route where she will leave Silica's body and possess someone else.

So here are the options, please select the character you would like to see Asuna switch with next and leave a comment below.

- Yui
- Lisbeth
- Sachi
- Leafa
- Sinon
- Philia

Wednesday 3 February 2016

Kelly the White Skeleton Demon Part 1 (Melanie's Skin)

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So I originally had 'Kelly' the name that the Bai Gu Jing (White Skeleton Demon) is using in Modern times, steal and enter the Body or rather skin of another girl. Unfortunately I didn't like the direction of the story and rewrote it.

Kelly has woken up from her 100 year slumber and now she has devoured Melanie and dons her skin. What will this ancient demon do, now that she is awake and lusting for vengeance.