Saturday, 17 April 2021

Twitter and SFM and a general update

Hey guys, I've been a while and I wanted to update you guys on a few new projects I am working on!

As you know, I haven't been updating my blog in quite a while and that's mainly because of burnout and a lost in interest in creating content of such nature. Incidently I have been posting on Reddit under a different name to hide from you guys. Some dedicated fans did noticed who I was due to my style in writing (love you guys <3) aside from that I have been lurking in a number of community, some super awesome and friendly and some of them aren't so great.

But the mainly point of joining and expanding my horizon is to learn new things and deliver content that would hopefully be of interest to you.

First of all I have been working on Fate Grand Transfer on the Student Transfer Scenario and that has it's niche group of fans who I absolutely adore.

Then there is Twitter which I've started up but not too sure what to post on there, maybe some updates or some form of TSF content.

Here is the link to my Twitter: KawaiiSwitcher

Next order of business is SFM! I've started playing around with SFM and trying to learn how to animate although animation is miles away from achieving, I've decided to work on doing some form of picture comic, so hopefully will be interesting. (I know I wanted to do a Kingdom Hearts one, but the Data Greeting wasn't 100% the best system to use and play with)

Here Are some examples of my SFM work!