Sunday 19 June 2022

The Majin vs Shielder (NSFW)

Hey guys!

I'm here to promote Khear who has taken on our request and produced this lovely manga of Mash and Gudako vs a Majin that had invaded Chaldea.

Originally I was planning on having this produced as a commissioned sequel to the FGO Magifender Series on my Pixiv, but due to some miscommunication, this has ended up as a requested piece for Khear.

(Sorry to everyone who was looking forward to a sequel!)

As budget was allocated to this Manga request, there will be a delay to our other projects. In the meant time I will look towards doing more captions and will try and finish off some on going pieces of work such as Soul Switch Online and Fate Grand Transfer.

Aside from that, please consider this as a what if story!
NSFW and there is nudity

- A Majin from another reality has entered Chaldea and explored the facility where they came across Mash and Gudako.
- The Majin attempts to absorb Gudako, but then Mash transforms into her Servant state and push Gudako aside and saves her.
- Mash is then captured and absorbed by the Majin who takes on the traits of Mash (as opposed to the scene in Khears' Manga)
- Mash is held inside in the same pod you see in Dragon Ball.

Had this been included as a chapter, the Majin would have become a villian for The Magifender Oni Girls to fight, but now it's back to the original plan which I had discussed with Oznovx and will most likely be a series that I will work exclusively with him and my partner to complete!

If you are interested, please show some love and support and join my Fanbox <3