Tuesday 31 January 2017

Soul Switch Online - Part 6

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So... Soul Switch Online fans... your wait is over... finally I have found the time to write this story for you guys.

I had originally planned to make this month completely dedicated to Anime Captions but in the end I was so busy I couldn't find the time to sit down and write them, let alone think about them... so Jan 2017 looked a bit empty.

So who should Asuna swap bodies with next?

Sunday 1 January 2017

The Annual Hopper 2017

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Happy New Year everyone!

So how... just to expand on the character a bit more...

Chantelle is a witch who wishes to be as great and as powerful as the witches before her and so she developed this spell.

The spell would allow her immortal spirit or soul to transfer from body to body. But due to a foreign soul taking up residence in an occupied body and the fact she is leeching off the former occupant, the body will show signs of decay and would last about a year before she has to transfer.

Each time she transfer, a bit of the previous owner would remain and become part of her new character. So in her original body, she was a girl who wanted to produce results and was hard working and studied all the time. 

For her second body and first host, Vivian-Chantelle was a bit of a party animal.

For her third body and second host, she took over Elizabeth body but unlike the original Elizabeth, Elizabeth-Chantelle was more of a gold digging whore who made use of her adult body to get her ways.

For her fourth and third host, she took over Emily and took advantage of a weak girl so that she may shape her into the perfect body. For being a weak personality, Chantelle personality was dominant and there was hardly any trace of the shy young girl.

Now that Chantelle is in the body of Julia, her fifth body and fourth host, she will retain parts of Julia's personality and be a bit of outgoing fashion/stylist girl that flirts with the guts type of girl.