Tuesday 24 May 2016

Doctor Kiryuu

Brain Transplant caption.

May Day! May Day! May Day! Great Shift Crisis! (Options)

You were one of the many victims that was caught up in Irvin's and the Swapifieds body stealing crimes and having been disembodied and imprisoned for a rather long time. You were finally feeling free and happy as your spirit was released high into the sky.

However to your horror, you and the many released spirit was caught in a turbulent soul storm and was swirling around violently in the sky as you circled around the city from high above.

One by one the released spirits would break off from the pack and descend into the city below and possess the body of some unsuspecting victim. This memorable event became known as the Great Shift.


- Body A
- Body B
- Body C
- Body D
- Body E

Thursday 12 May 2016

Soul Switch Online - Part 5

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Here is the long awaited next part to the Soul Switch Online series. This is also the conclusion to the Yui Story in the main story line.

(Possible Alternate route with Yui)

Offline Cross Swap - April Fools! - Jennifer into Vivian

Here is the final story to last month's monthly story/options.

Not the best piece of work but hopefully the May one will be better.

Offline Cross Swap - April Fools! - Vivian into Jennifer

Here is the final part and unlike the others, Vivian and Jennifer do switch back with one another.