Thursday 28 April 2016

Offline Cross Swap - April Fools! (Options)

No Options this month, but there is a Cross Swap and optional story/parts to follow up on.

April fools, the time of year where people are made fools of, through the use of pranks or other forms of trickery.

It took some time, but the body thief who was now inhabiting Erika’s body had finally acquired a set of Body Swapping Talisman from the Mysterious X who handles the Cross Swap Rituals.

In order to get some money to host the event, the possessed Erika had to pull some strings with some malicious people and brokered out some deals with them so that they to can get involved with Erika’s little party.

The Offline Cross Swap Party was held in a local hotel where each of the participating guests was taken into an individual room. The four unsuspecting victims were given drink spiked with drugs that would knock them out, allowing Erika and the 3 companions to switch places with their victims.

Wednesday 27 April 2016

Kill la Kill: The Switching Crisis Part 7

Previous Part:

So... this short story turned out a longer than I thought...

Also for SAO fans. The next part of the story is being worked on.

Sunday 24 April 2016

From Hero to Zero

The Charm used for the Cross Swap ritual was indeed a fascinating item that has intrigued the minds of scientist and spiritualist alike. The Body Swapping Committee was now interested in supernatural abilities and would do anything to cannibalize a system and incorporate it into their products.

As a result, they had created devices like the Soul Splicer, the Brain Jackers, Regeneration abilities in order to renew the body as well as harnessing Time Travel. However, the experts were unable to mass produce or replicate the magical charms and all they could do was experiment and unlock all of the Talisman’s abilities.

The charm could allow people to participate in the Midnight Cross Swap Ritual where people exchange bodies. People could also do an Offline Cross Swap, where two charm users could exchange bodies.

Another feature of the Cross Swap was that the misaligned Soul in the incorrect body could trigger natural mutations where special abilities are unlocked. 

Right... how should we do this... How should Layla Ophelia (Clara) steal Supergirl's body?

Perhaps with the magic Jewel Encrusted Dagger or some Seductive Soul Alluring Power?

Saturday 16 April 2016

The Butterfly Effect

So this story will serve as a conclusion to Future Stark and Tokiko's story as well as introducing a new meta to my string of stories.

So... as with every time travelling stories, there is always the mention of Butterfly effects.

In the original timeline, the world came to an end due to the spiritless bodies coming back as Zombies due to Irvin stealing all the spirits of the victims that had been disembodied.

Tokiko went back in time and change all that and the BSC manage to save the day. This allowed the BSC to acquire a large quantity of spirits and they used them in their artificial experiments and that resulted in a dystopian future where the world is ruled by metal men.

Tokiko made another attempt to fix the past and this time, the spirits of all the captured victims was released, which caused the worlds first ever Great Shift event.

However, Stark from the future had made a leap to the past and altered it, causing the BSC to be aware of time travel and with their focus now fully on capturing the time traveler, they began to make schemes on how they would capture Tokiko and harness her abilities for their own cause.

Promo Girls

This story/idea had been sitting around for a while, mainly because I had no idea how I was going to finish it.

A New Doll Part 2

Previous Part:

Here is the next part to A New Doll, sadly I haven't had much time and have been having a serious of writers block.

Monday 4 April 2016

Kill la Kill: The Switching Crisis Part 6

Previous Part:

So Ragyou and Nui prepare their experiment.

Nui extracts her own heart and Ryuko's and plunges it into each others body. 

What will happen next? Will they die or will they switch places?