Friday 1 November 2019

Student Transfer - Body Thief 3.1

I'm sorry it took 9 months since the last update! The release got so delayed QAQ
Sorry... there was a few issues and that has now been amended and corrections has been added

Student Transfer - Scenario: Body Thief 3.1
Featuring Fate/Grand Transfer Story line!
(V4.5 Compatible now!)

So as some of you know... this Blog is generally focused around Body Swap captions and part of those captions were Anime ones... which don't worry... I do intend to continue... at some point... soon... hopefully.

And well... to tell you the truth... I had always wants to introduce a Fate Body Swap Caption as well, using maybe Prisma Illya, but that idea never took off and the draft still sits in my caption folder.

Then I discovered Student Transfer (Game can be found here: Student Transfer) and then it dawned on me, that maybe... I could write a Body Swap story through a game and more importantly... a Fate Story and thus Fate/Grand Order was born.

The Student Transfer Route... the Body Thief Story I will continue to flesh out once I managed to wrap my head around my own story... but for the Fate Route the beginning in the same.

You can download the Scenario here, which contains the Fate Route:
MegaUpload: Body Theft 3.1
Drop Box: Body Theft 3.1
Google Drive: Body Theft 3.1

Patch Note: 3.1 includes a Swap Class ending for one of the early routes. Orleans is proving to be a pain to write as the story was a lot longer than anticipated + trying to find free time to complete it!

Character Expansion Pack: (REQUIRED FOR BODY THEFT)
MegaUpload: KawaiiSwitcher Character Pack
Drop Box: KawaiiSwitcher Character Pack
Google Drive: KawaiiSwitcher Character Pack

Body Theft - Student Transfer Only + Character Pack
MegaUpload: Body Theft ST Only Story + Character Pack
Drop Box: Body Theft ST Only Story + Character Pack
Google Drive: Body Theft ST Only Story + Character Pack

Note: Another friendly reminder, PLEASE NOTE that the Fate/Grand Order Characters are NOT free for use. You are free to use the characters within the Character pack, but please remember to credit.

Please also remember to drop a comment and provide some feedback

Also I would appreciate it, if you guys would watch the Opening and the Ending that is inserted into the route. Please also brace yourself, the story should last around 2 hours worth of reading/game play.

You can skip the additional scenes, but for the full experience please go through it all and let me know what you all thought of it.

How to Get onto the Fate Route:
Once you hit the Day 1, School Entrance Scene. Please select the End of the World option and progress onto the Fate Route. This route is linear with a few side stories that branches back into the story. Please avoid skipping the story and try to play through it normally. 
(It will reduce errors)

How to play the Student Transfer Body Theft Story:
I would recommend playing through from John and Zoey's perspective then going back and playing through from the perspective of the other characters.

How to Install:
1: Download and unzip the game.
2: Delete the existing Body Theft Scenario (If it is already installed)
3. Unzip or Copy, Body Thief to scenario folder of the 4.5 version of Student Transfer and make sure the folder is named or renamed to Body Theft
4: Copy, Paste and Replace the new one into Scenario Folder (For Patch Updates)

Patch Note and Fixes
3.0 Updates (Compatibility update)
Expansion to the Student Transfer side of the Story of Body Thief
- Added new Characters, Music, BG, SFX, Assets, Movies and expanded the Story
(I wrote over 3200 lines with roughly 26,500 words/175,000 characters... so please don't just rip my content, I will honestly cry...)
- New Fate Route covering the Fuyuki Arc
(That's right... I already drafted Orlean's... there will be more in the future!)
- Significantly reduce file size!

3.1 Updates (Minor Update)
- Fixed the issue where there was an extra scenario folder in the folder itself
-Added new characters to the KS Character pack
(Alice, Cornelia, Hestia, Katrina (might get replaced), Natsumi with new uniform, Shion and Tara from Never)
- ST Only edition has been uploaded with Character pack included
- Swap Class Ending added to one of the early options of the game

Author's Note:
This version of the game has been made to be compatible with the 4.5 version of Student Transfer.
Minor adjustment and corrections has been made to the Fuyuki Chapter of Fate.
Orleans is still undergoing compatability update.
Student Transfer side of things, the story has been expanded upon. The storyline will be much more streamline and linear, however the story will branch down the same story but from the perspective of other characters.

Additional Comment: I have created a new cast of characters which will be introduce into the Student Transfer later on. There will be a lot more 'Powers' and will feature a variety of characters with ability... and TIME TRAVEL!!!

Credit and Special Thanks:
To CobaltCore for fixing a bunch of stuff for me and helping me with the guide
To AppleMelon as I learnt a lot from his scenario and script
To Narg for pointing out issues and errors with my scenario
To sinwave93 for the ARAP pack and the Katrina Sprites
To C.r.e.a.m for the Tara Sprite
To my fans who have shown interest in the scenario <3

Disclaimer: Please note that I do not own the rights to any of the Fate materials. Considering the amount of time I have put into ripping and creating the materials, I would deeply appreciate it if people didn't just use it's content without permission. You can create your own Fate Material, but please don't forget to support the official release and please be respectful.


  1. Glad to see you are back, or at least posted, hope all is well and I am looking forward to playing the fate storyline

  2. I like the fact that you get to see the same events from different perspectives, the update isn't that big but it sets up a bunch of possibilities, keep up the good work!

    Also, not to sound pushy or anything, but I'm really looking forward the Orleans chapter.

    1. The original idea was to have multiple endings, but since that was really time consuming and a pain to plot out, I decided to try something different and write the story from multiple viewpoints

  3. Just to note. Do you have plans on putting FGO Maou Nobunaga as part of the Fate route?

    1. Yes eventually I will do Guda Guda or the Tokyo Grail War or 3rd Grail War?

    2. What about the summer events? That'd be really...... interesting.

    3. I am considering on following a similar schedule to the FGO release but will rewrite some of it to fit better with the *cough* KawaiiVerse interpretation of the FGO Nasuverse

    4. That sounds great! Looking forward to it.

  4. Cant wait to swap with Maou Nobunaga XDXF

    1. I am debating on making it Guda Guda like or more serious like the Imperial Grail War...

  5. Just played through your fate/ST Fuyuki route and i got to say, it is awesome! Although i got to mention your gonna need to update your version (4.4) so it works in ST v4.5 because from when you get near the end part around John(corr saber) vs canon team at the grail cave where John makes the secondary switches between the girls, it bugs out.
    Thanks for all your hard work and can't wait for the new orlean arc and any-clue on a timestamp when you gonna update again?

    1. They keep updating the main game quicker as I'm making changes to make it compatible ^^;;

      At the moment I'm fixing the scenario, I'm hoping to get it done by next month

  6. If there are chances of swapping with Lancer Scathach. It'll be a bg dream come true XDXD

    1. The rough draft is planned up to London, America is next, not sure what will happen yet.

  7. Would you ever consider doing a crossover between ST and Fate/apocrypha? You can easily mess around with both sides and could body sway with ruler Joan of Arc to do that.... You could easily do the transfer by using a displaced grail which accidentally warp them to that AU from next FGO arc

    1. That will come later on and probs in the Form of the Apocrypha event. Jeanne is in the Orleans chapter anyways... The Orleans chapter is 80% ish done

  8. Thanks for the scene, one of the best i've seen around

  9. I'm in love, ST + Fate crossover = heaven

  10. Pls do more konosuba

  11. Still no updates on this?