Saturday 31 October 2015

Shauna and Serena Part 5 (2D)

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Continuation of the story.

So should Serena's spirit be sent off to another anime series or should she haunt Shauna and attempt to take over her body?

The Awakening Part 2

Warning: This story contains some graphical content!

More Zombies coming soon!

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A New Doll Part 1

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'Lily' makes another return and an upgrade of a new body.

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The Swap Class Experiment Part 6

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Looks like Tommy and Ethan gets to keep hold of their new bodies.

Of course... only if Ethan survives the attack of his Zombified male body.

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Friday 30 October 2015

Birthday Gift Part 1 (Offline Cross Swap)

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The first story in my Offline Cross Swap series though I recommend reading the Awakening Story I posted today.

Offline Cross Swap Ritual

The Cross Swap Talisman had a special feature that allowed two people with the Talisman to perform a Cross Exchange body swap outside of the Cross Swap Exchange Ritual.

The main requirement was that both users must possess a Talisman and both participants must attach a talisman to their forehead and both must touch their foreheads with each other for 30 seconds (with talisman attached) to perform the trade or be within one inch of each other.

Unlike the Cross Swap Ritual which has a time limit, this manual method of body swapping has no limit so body switchers will have to repeat the process to switch back into their own bodies,

The Awakening Part 1

So what do we all fear when we think of an apocalypse? Zombies of course! Of course some of the popular theories suggest we will all perish by some viral infection but in my stories/universe, the zombies are created due to the bodies and souls losing their spirit and in a search to reclaim their humanity and become complete, they revive as a undead being.

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Who the hell am I?

Another Toilet body swap. Sometimes I wonder if this story causes anybody to get worried about using the public bathrooms.

Thursday 29 October 2015

Shauna and Serena Part 4 (2D)

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And so the oblivious friend Shauna continues to perform to best of her ability in Serena's place unbeknownst that she is actually Cassiopeia.

Project Divinity Part 3

So Irvin has decided to absorb every soul into his body and prolong his life by converting the spirits into life force energy.

I wonder what the side effects will occur.


My first Hooters story.

Hikari and the Raid Part 3

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So Morgana has my body, my spirit is safe so to say and Naomi is struggling to get to resist her temptations.

Tuesday 27 October 2015

Spiritual Trip Gem by Regulos (Nono)

Body Swap story between me and my friend, drawn by the lovely and awesome Regulos on deviantart. Link: HERE!

The Return of Morgana Part 2

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The mysterious forced that attacked Amber and stole my body was none other than the evil Morgana! Who returned to the world of the living by possessing my stolen and vaccant body.

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A Hostile Presence

Amber continues her wild goose chase after Irvin and is unable to find him but was about to locate my stolen body. However in the midst of retrieval, the team was attacked!

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Project Divinity Part 2

So Irvin moves onto the next phase of his evil plans.

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Monday 19 October 2015

Shauna and Serena Part 2 (2D)

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And so the Pokemon Contest Rookie Class begins, with each maiden aiming for the title of Kalos Queen.

Also noticed I misspelled Shauna's name,

Saturday 17 October 2015

Post Number 200!

The 200th post!

This post is now the 200th post since I've started this blog! A milestone in my books :)

I would like to thank my fans/followers who have taken an interest in my blogs and stories. Your support has been very much appreciated and it is quite amusing to see the daily views on this blog taking sudden spikes on certain days, where I release certain stories and then dive when I start writing series and go M.I.A for days or weeks.

I have noticed that people are a huge fan of my Plug and Go! Option stories but despite my enjoyment in writing stories such as those, I still feel the need to branch out to other audiences and write other kinds of stories.

Anyways just some quick reminders... I do understand that this genre is a niche/fetish and sorta grey area and some people my consider creepy and such. But over all these stories are all FICTION! None of it is is real and I am willing to take down certain stories/images if people have issues with them.

'All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.'

Also some of these stories are purely made on a whim so I do not know all the answers to every story I write and there is a reason why I administrate my comments. I wish to keep this blog as clean as possible and despite the horror and death like possession/body stealing... I'm pretty much the same as any creative creator... I write it because it was on the spur of the moment and not on how old this girl is, how she should die and how this or that happens or feels.

I mean if characters die then it will most likely feel painful and most of the time I don't even remember the details of the stories I write.
Onto something more body swapping related!

So, just like Regulos who had did some sketches to explain her body swapping methods and ideas I thought I should share some of my concepts and ideas.

So first of all, similar to Kingdom Hearts I believe that there would be the Body that is the vessel to interact with the physical world and contains your physical memories. The Soul or rather the Astral Body or spiritual form is the spiritual identity you would possess in your current life and the thing keeping you alive and then the Spirit which contains the consciousness and your memories of your current and past life.

Normally my trade involves the transfer of the spirit so in that sense you would become the other person entirely rather than a fake. of course switching the soul does work but in my mind, motor function isn't going to be very good since the body and soul does not match.

And then of course there are the multiple methods of body swappings from goo, to spirits, to machines and what not.

Personally I find creepy/horror like switches in the picture above to be more exciting and interesting.

Masumi vs Yuzu Part 3 (2D)

Previous Part:

And so Masumi succeeded in taking over Yuzu's body. But this series is not over yet.... our sweet princess Yuzu will now try to reclaim her body with a duel of course and for Yuya, a dark threat is soon to approach!

Life Swap

IT didn't end up being a friendly happy mutual trade... sorry D:


Stan Moore is basically that old dude in Iron Man who pretty much used Tony for his own ends of benefits.

Which is no surprise since he is using Amber to bag some money, going so far as to change her name, hide identity and smuggle her into the corporation to work on development of multiple things like Switch Switch Paradise.

I suppose there are other projects they can work on but will Stan keep his end of the promise or will he play with Amber?

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Friday 16 October 2015

The Intergalactic Police

A rewrite of a story I once sent to Greatshiftcaptions.

Also ties into the Brain Jacker Story (Sadly I don't this story side will continue)