Friday 20 November 2015

Tuesday 17 November 2015

Is it over?

Beginning the second catastrophic event story line.

Timeline C, due to the butterfly effect of  preventing the Zombie future, a new threat will be coming soon.

A Graceful Lesson

A mutual and friendly swap class.

Saturday 14 November 2015

Sally's Future


Just before she did it with her future husband. Sally did return to the past and changed the way she would live her life.

Friday 13 November 2015

Best Friends Body Part 1 (2D)

Well a new chapter and as people have requested, the next arc of the Time Soul Watch will be focused on Shauna, with some cameo from Cassiopeia as Serena.

Thursday 12 November 2015

This ain't no joke!

Well, despite interrupting Irvin's plans... evil misuse of body swap still occur.

Tuesday 10 November 2015

The First Swap Class

So... a little while back I posted this Option Story for this month.

But that story took part in the future. Now that Tokiko had warned Amber and the Zombie Future crisis has been averted. We now visit the present day girls as they participate in the first Swap Class lesson.

Here are the girls in their uh... past... younger... present day self.






Thursday 5 November 2015

Birthday Gift Part 3 (Offline Cross Swap)

Previous Part:

I wrote too much... text might be too hard to read... i'm sorry D:

Zombie World Part 3

Third and final Part to the Zombie World Story, unless there is more to add...

Was planning on releasing the caption seperately... but figured I would just bundle it together and release it

Zombie World Part 2

So continuing with the story in the future.

Kinda hard to write a Zombie apocalypse story when pictures seem so bright/positive...

Wednesday 4 November 2015

Finally Female

The magical jewel encrusted dagger makes its return.

Zombie World Part 1

Four years has passed and Irvin's empire still stands strong.

The First and Last Body Swapping Clinic Event (Options)

Welcome to The First and Last Body Swapping Clinic Event!

(Don't worry, this event is taking part in the Zombie timeline... and well this isn't exactly the last)

Irvin and his gang at Swapified had managed to worm their way into convincing the school board and local authorities to allow a legalized Swap Class Event.

The scheme allows young people to experience the life of another in hopes of improving their individual personality and the way they treats others.

However, due to Irvin's meddling, your swap partner was stripped from your body and your body was reduced into a zombified state. Rendering you trapped inside the body you choose.

Here are the list of bodies you chose, 4 years ago:

- Body A
- Body B
- Body C
- Body D
- Body E

I hope you enjoy your current lives for now...

Tuesday 3 November 2015

Bright Future

Well some body hunters do feel some guilt you know.

Birthday Gift Part 2 (Offline Cross Exchange)

Previous Part:
Next Part:

Well you know... guys can't be trusted with a girls body.

(It's stereotypical... I know...)

Bai Gu Jing

Introducing a new story meta. (Perhaps in future someone will build a tech based on her powers?)

So Morgana was the first Body Hopper in the west... in England. But over in the East in the central plains of China. Bai Gu Jing a.k.a the White Skeleton Spirit is the first 'Body Switcher'.

She kills her victims and absorbs them, possessing their body and wearing their skin.

She has a hatred for men as her lover drove her to her unfortunate death and for a thousand years she has survived.

The Start of a New Undead Era

Amber loses this round and Irvin claims his place by seating his... or her butt on the throne.

He now controls who lives and who dies.

Long Distance Love

A Couple/ Boyfriend, Girlfriend body swap.

Worse Holiday Ever

Well... this is one way of surviving I guess...

Timeline Z: