Thursday 8 September 2022

New Oznovx Project!

Do you enjoy the content I am releasing to Pixiv?

Perhaps you like to read the comics drawn by Oznovx on my Pixiv/Fanbox or on TSF Singularity's Patreon Page?

If you do enjoy reading it and would like to take part in choosing our next work to commission. Then you can vote for it here on Twitter!


Here are some of them that we would like to share with you all.

FGO - Magifender Oni Girls:

1. Magifender Oni Girls - Plot Spoiler/Rough Draft After having their bodies stolen, Mash Kyrielight will come across the two girls and noticed the oddity in their behaviour. Upon confronting them about their strange appearances, she will transform into her Shielder form but will have her soul ripped out of her by Shuten-Illya and Shuten-Miyu will force a Shuten Doujin fragment into Mash's body and cause it to undergo oni-fication, but due to her special nature as a Shielder, she will resist the process?! (also open for suggestions on other servants)

The Perfect Body Series:

2. The Perfect Body Prequel - This will explore the Body Hoppers ability in more details or rather a early days/experiment period of the Body Hopper's life as they come to terms with their new powers. The cast of characters were originally models and references my friend/partner wanted to use but in the end, they went with a more Cosplay focused characters. The cast for this prequel are a group of Cheerleaders who will inevitably lose their bodies and pave the way for our protagonist to master the art of body hopping!

3. The Perfect Body Chapter 3  - This will be a sequel where the Body Hopper has now taken ownership of Yin Yi's and Mia's body. Both gorgeous cosplayers but they come across a small issue. Spoiler plot/draft courtesy of my partner (This will be a Spy x Family Cosplay story, if it goes to plan!) Yin Yi's body is now 6 months pregnant and her body is subjected to a number of back and forth body swaps and due to her belly, the Yor cosplay doesn't quite fit! (The model used for reference has done Yor apparently) and so the protagonist turns their attention to Mia who they wanted to use as a body to cosplay Anya but Mia is a bit too big and they are left with the option to cross play Loid or Yor as Mia.

 It is at this point that they catch noticed of a (Very Lewd)Loli body type cosplayer (Name pending) who could fulfill the role of Anya perfectly and so they set a trap to lure them in. Posing as Yin Yi, they explained the predicament that they are in due to the pregnancy and why they have been off the radar for the last half a year. They also reveal their 'Body Swapping' and takes control of Mia to show they power and tempt the Loli Cosplayer to trade bodies with them so they can cosplay as Anya. The Loli agrees but ends up having her body stolen. 

The Hopper then takes the Lewd Loli cosplayer and turns them into a the perfect Anya and works to clean up their lewd reputation Originally the idea was that Yin Yi would be Yor, Mia would cross play as Yor and the Lewd Loli would be Anya will be reversed-lewd (basically become unlewd due to the body theft)

If Yin Yi doesn't become Yor, then we may introduce a potential new 4th body...

Additionally there is the potential for a new comic featuring a Time Leaping Body Swapper that not only hijacks a body but travels back in time, takes control of the victims body and make their past and present day souls watch as they hijack their lives!

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