Thursday 9 August 2018

Student Transfer - Fate Grand Transfer

So a number of you must be wondering... 
"Why is there such a lack of updates?"
"Where is Soul Switch Online?"
"Will there be any new captions?"
"What happened to Student Transfer?"
"Will you be updating the Pokemon or Konosuba Captions?"

The Answer is... yes I will eventually update them. But real life often gets in the way. Due to the nature of this blog, I believe it wouldn't be right to take any form of Patreon, as much as I want to... and I am 99.99% certain... that what I am doing with Student Transfer: Fate Grand Transfer is... infringing on a bunch of Copyright!

Also this post was suppose to be my 499th Post and it was suppose to contain the release of my Fate Parody, Fate Grand Transfer with my Body Theft 2.0 patch for Student Transfer.

Over the course of the last few months, I have been gathering and creating resource for the game and I've spent the last month working on the Fate Route. 

I was debating on releasing it in parts, with eventual updates to progress the Story... but I didn't want it to end up in the pits of Story Writing Hell, so I decided to compete the story first and then release it. (I think it is turning out great! There is about 1~2 hour worth of story content.)

Anyways here are some Teasers!



  1. It looks like a big project, I'm looking forward to it.

    1. It is turning out to be bigger than I had expected and for me personally... it is a refreshing change of pace but at the same time it feels VERY different from my normal caption themes but as a creative writer, I feel this has been an interesting twist/experience and I hoe Fate Fans, Anime Fans and Body Swap fans on my blog will enjoy this installment.

  2. Good luck, thanks for the update. I look forward to seeing the release

    1. I think it will be very different and I hope people will enjoy it.

      There are elements of Body Swaps (keeping to the theme of the blog) so yeah...